Zelinka – Brexit Expert

In relation to Brexit we offer to our customers:

Support in the form of advisory service
Complete preparation and adjustment of customs clearance processes
Simplified procedures to ensure a smooth transition to this new reality
Tailor-made solution based on customer’s individual need

Tailor-made solution based on customer’s individual need

UK trade will be subject to the same customs requirements as other non-EU countries, including any customs duties. Do not be surprised and turn your readiness to Brexit in a competitive advantage. In other words PLAN FOR THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST...

Jaroslav Zelinka
CEO Customs management
Zelinka – Brexit Expert

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It is a short term for the process of terminating the membership of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the European Union.

  • The EU and the United Kingdom will agree on a transitional period
  • The import and export formalities will only be applied after the end of the transitional period, until then, nothing changes
  • The EU and the UK will not agree on a transitional period
  • When importing goods from the UK into the EU, goods will be subject to customs duty corresponding to the conventional duty rates. The same fiscal impact will be applied when exporting from the EU to the UK
  • All trade and policy measures, such as prohibitions or restrictions on imports and exports, will be applied in mutually (EU-GB)
  • When importing and exporting from / to Great Britain, a customs declaration will be required
  • Goods from the UK so far eligible for free circulation will be considered of third country origin for the purposes of subsequent use as input material by EU producers
  • For purposes of EU acceptance under EU regulations, any license and import / export authorization issued by the UK authorities ceases to apply. The same will apply to reciprocal exports from the EU
  • AEO entities approved by the UK customs authorities will lose benefit from this certification before the EU customs authorities


29. 3. 2019

the end of a two-year period from the date on which the UK announced its intention to withdraw from the European Union.

30. 3. 2019

The United Kingdom becomes formally a third country and faces a transitional period,


with immediate effect, all primary and secondary Union law ceases to be valid in the UK

31. 12. 2020

The end of the transition period to give authorities and businesses time to adapt to new conditions. Until then, EU rules should continue to apply in the UK, including newly created ones. However, as a non-EU state, Britain will no longer have any influence on their creation

A personal meeting at customer’s premises can be arranged depending on your preference